Chain Reaction is a teen leadership institute with a development program. We utilize our service-based curriculum to impact our community while providing a safe and valuable learning environment for our teens. Find out how your teen can create impact beyond themselves with Chain Reaction.

What is Chain Reaction?

Chain Reaction is a hands-on experiential character and leadership education program that utilizes service as its central teaching tool. What does this mean for you and your teen? It means that we are focused on helping your teen become the best they can be while learning life's lessons through service. Volunteering and service-based leadership teaches concepts that your child won’t find in any textbook. We utilize each teen's passion and talent to create service opportunities that are fun and educational. We employ a metrics-driven, guided teaching curriculum where teens can lead and manage community service projects in their communities—outside the classroom—to create measurable change; locally and individually.

What is a Teen Leadership Institute?

Chain Reaction is more than service, we are service learning. Our mission at Chain Reaction is to empower your teen to learn through service. In a safe, fun, and empowering environment, your teen can discover their innate strengths and untapped abilities; unite with other teens as a team of connected, committed citizens; believe in themselves to achieve more and aspire to see the good in all things. Through service learning, your teen can get a lot of benefits:


  • Learning the CR 24 Elements – Soft Skills: CR teaches 24 soft skills that we call the 24 Elements which are essential for teens to become leaders of their own lives. The 24 Elements are used for reflection in teens evaluating their service experiences.


  • Internships: As a teen leadership institute, we provide the opportunity for teens to take up leadership roles within our service projects as an intern. Interns lead other volunteers to get excited for the project, critically think of ways to improve the project, and work with staff to meet the needs of what needs to happen for each season’s goals. This offer is extended to teens who are shown to be committed and driven to grow as leaders.


  • Work Resumes: It’s important for teens to be able to put skills that they've learned over high school into a resume for potential jobs or applying for college. CR has dedicated days to help teens every step of the way in constructing a solid resume and have it checked by employers who regularly hire teens.


  • Scholarships: Service learning opportunities make way for scholarship opportunities. Serving in CR is a great way to accumulate hours for Bright Futures, the Florida Medallion Scholarship, and many other service scholarships. In 2015, our teens accumulated about $1.4 million total in scholarships thanks to CR. 


Where Are You Located? When Are You Open?

Chain Reaction is located on 1000 College Blvd Building 98 Pensacola, FL 32504


Office Hours

During the School Year: 9:00am – 6:00pm

During the Summer: 8:00am – 4:30pm


Chain Reaction Center Hours (for teens only)


Council Meeting Day: 3:30-5:30pm


Tuesday and Wednesday: 

School Year Teen Center Hours for Service Projects: 3:30-5:30pm

Summer Teen Center Hours for Service Projects: 12:30pm – 2:30pm



Orientation or Senior College Prep: 3:30-5:00pm once a month


Meet The CR Team

Kristin G. Fairchild 

Founder & Executive Director, 2005-Present

As founder and Executive Director of Chain Reaction, Kristin Fairchild saw a need for a teen volunteer center. With a background in Family and Child Development, in 2003 Kristin launched Chain Reaction which evolved into a teen leadership institute. Since the introduction of Chain Reaction to the local area, Kristin has recruited and taught over 5,000 teens how to make an impact beyond themselves. When she is not busy helping teens make an impact beyond themselves, Kristin spends time with her husband and three children.


Isabella DiPhilippo

Program Manager, Leadership Development, August 2018-Present

Isabella DiPhilippo, a Maine native, joins Chain Reaction with an excitement to help teens develop and hone their leadership skills. Isabella is a graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in Political Science and Leadership Studies. Prior to Chain Reaction, Isabella worked as an Intern for United States Senator Susan M. Collins, where she assisted staff with legislative and constituent services. In her free time, Isabella enjoys trying new local eateries, reading, and exploring the South. 


Luisa Fortin 

Program Manager, Service Learning, September 2018-Present

Luisa Fortin joins Chain Reaction with four years of experience in the non-profit world. After growing up in Honduras, Luisa moved to Chattanooga, where she attended the University of Tennessee and graduated with a degree in Business and Nutrition. Luisa's favorite part of being on the CR team is working closely with teens to help them make an impact beyond themselves. In her free time, Luisa enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, and testing out new recipes. 


CR would be nothing without the support of its amazing teens! Altogether, we make an impact beyond ourselves within the community. CR would like to thank members from:

  • Pensacola High School
  • West Florida High School of Advanced Technology
  • Pine Forest High School
  • Pensacola Christian Academy
  • Booker T. Washington High School
  • J. M. Tate High School
  • Escambia Virtual Academy
  • Gulf Breeze High School
  • Santa Rosa Online Academy
  • Pensacola Catholic High School
  • Pace High School



How much does it cost to join?

Membership fees are $75 for new members and renewing members. We ask that families pay what they can with a $20 minimum fee and CR will gladly cover the remaining amount; we understand not all families may be able to afford the membership fee.


When is your membership drive?

CR is open year-round.


Where are you located and what time do you open?

We are located at 1000 College Blvd Building 98 Pensacola, FL 32504. The entrance is located on the 2nd floor of building 98 (behind Kids College). We are open Monday through Friday 3:30 to 5:30pm during the school year and 12:30 to 2:30pm during the summer. Even after the center closes, teens will be accompanied by staff until their parent/guardian arrives.


What kind of service projects does Chain Reaction have?

CR has a variety of service projects with different causes to support! You can check these projects out in the Teen section of the website.


When are the Quarterly Meetings?

Our Quarterly Meetings are held January, April, July, and October on the second Monday of each month from 5:00-6:30pm. These meetings are peer-led, giving the teens the opportunity to meet other teens and interact with the CR staff in an interactive, teen-friendly environment. Teens find out different ways to get involved in the community through volunteer and leadership.


Will CR keep track of my teen's hours?

Yes! Once your teen signs up for Chain Reaction, your teen will receive an account for our online portal where they can check and print out their service hours. Upon request, we can also write out a signed hours verification letter for guidance counselors.


Does my teen have to come every week?

As a member of Chain Reaction, each teen is given a set of minimum requirements he or she needs to fulfill in order to complete the program. For the service projects, your teen needs to come to at least 6 of the 12 weeks available in the project. We understand that teens have other extracurricular activities, so once he or she meets these minimum requirements, he or she may come as desired.


How can I get involved as a parent?

There are a couple different ways you can get involved as a parent. You can become a Donor or you can become an Advocate. Our Advocates volunteer their time in different ways at our events. For more information, read our Chain Reaction Advocate section.


What is Kids' College?

Kids' College is a summer program hosted by Pensacola State College where teen volunteers can serve as teacher assistants in professor and teacher-led classes adapted for kids ages 5-12. This is a full-time commitment and can take anywhere from 5 to 10 hours per day but is a GREAT way to accumulate a massive amount of volunteer hours while having a fun, meaningful experience during the summer. You must be a Chain Reaction member and must fill out a separate Kids' College application to participate. Contact staff for more information.


How can I contact CR?

You can email us at info@mychainreaction.org or call our office at 850-471-4685.


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