Let's Make an Impact Beyond Ourselves

Friday, March 31, 2017 - Hiba Sukhera

Hi, my name is Hiba and I am currently a senior at Pensacola High School. My job is to get the message of teen service out to the community by writing blog posts. I hope to encourage teens to join projects at CR and make an impact beyond themselves.

Chain Reaction is a teen leadership institute where teens participate in service and leadership while learning essential skill sets. Teens from the ages 14-18 participate in service after school from 3:30-5:30pm. We are treated as adults in a working environment and lead the service projects while still being allowed to have fun. Chain Reaction has 14 projects, each of which benefit a specific non-profit in our community. Some of these non-profits include: Gulf Coast Kids House, Manna Food Bank, Autism Pensacola, C.A. Wes Elementary School, and Pensacola Humane Society.  CR service learning projects allow teens to understand the needs of the community and issues behind their service. Personally, CR has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about the issues in our community and be a part of a team trying to help make a difference. Chain Reaction reminds me why I serve, even though part of the reason I serve is to meet the requirements for graduation. CR helped me pause and remind me the real reason behind service.

I have been able to grow as a leader in the past two years. I have learned different skills that I would not have learned otherwise. I have learned how to reflect on the work that I have done. I also love how CR keeps me accountable for my responsibilities and has helped me build relationships. I have loved being a part of the leadership group.  Most of all I have learned how to incorporate selfless service, I learned this through my favorite service project, Pensacola Kids College. It’s my all-time favorite project.

I love being a part of Chain Reaction. I was able to learn lifelong lessons while serving the community. If you want to learn how your teen can join Chain Reaction, visit our website, Facebook page, or drop by the center for more information.

Let us all join and Make an Impact Beyond Ourselves!

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