Why Chain Reaction: A Parent's Perspective

Friday, July 31, 2015 - Sonya

I frequently reflect on the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” because my two children were raised by a village of people and organizations.  One of those inspirational organizations that influenced my children has been Chain Reaction, under the direction of Kristin Fairchild.

Why Chain Reaction and how were my children influenced?

I have seen a huge transformation in both children after they joined Chain Reaction.  I believe you will see the same in your child!  My son, the quiet one in 8th grade, began talking more and engaging with his peers and adults after joining Chain Reaction.  My daughter, whose humility tends to suppress her innate leadership skills, joined a CR leadership team, became a CR intern, and is now on the CR Council of CR.  Prior to CR, she did not want to be in the forefront, preferring to be in the shadows.  CR transformed both children in those areas when I couldn’t. 

When your student joins CR, the student is given so many opportunities that develop responsibility and maturity.  They learn organizational, leadership, and team-building skills, often without even realizing they are doing so.

Let’s be honest!  We all hope our students will get accepted into colleges and that they will be granted scholarships to help us pay for their college tuition, housing, and fees.  Well, CR also helps there too.  CR encourages volunteering and Bright Futures Scholarships require volunteer hours.  CR will verify the hours that are printed by you or the student at home to provide to your high school as proof.  Also, there are questionnaires CR administers that helps your student isolate what their strengths and interests are, which helps in the choice of college majors.  On a personal note, as a result of my daughter’s volunteer work at CR and self-reflection, her intended major has completely changed to one that more closely fits her interests and strengths.

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